Crazy Cup

Crazy Cup

The engineless cart race downhill towards the Tagliamento. A crazy race for lots of fun and laughter.

The event takes place every year in July, when the days are long and the sun is hot. The race starts in Piazza Duomo in Spilimbergo and is run downhill to the Tagliamento river. The Crazy Cup is a competition for self-built cart without an engine. Every year, it involves more than 100 competitors and throngs of spectators.

The Crazy Cup race was inspired by Enzo Ferrari, who used to build his own toy cars when he was a child. It’s goal is to help children and grown-ups rediscover and enjoy the passion and fun activities of the past. In fact, competitors have to build their vehicles of all shapes and sizes according to the rules, which have very few limitations. The only requirements are a well-functioning steering wheel and good brakes.

The race is open to everyone with no age limits, and takes place over two days. Saturday evening is for inspecting the brakes and the free practice sessions. The actual race takes place on Sunday with timekeeping by the Italian Timekeepers Federation. The track is marked by bales of hay along the curves and chicanes. Carts of all shapes and sizes have raced over the years: bathtubs, Snoopy’s kennel, Fiat 500 models, trash bins, horse-driven carts, and wooden structures.

This event is part of the Perle di Mosaico (Mosaic Pearls) project.