CRAF: what is it and where is it?

CRAF is the Research and Archiving Centre of Photography established in Spilimbergo in 1993. The Centre carries out researches, reproduces, catalogues and archives the local photographic heritage and works to enhance the regional identity. It organises exhibitions, awards, workshops, and editorial projects. Craf

The main awards handed out by CRAF include the Friuli Venezia Giulia Photography Award, the International Award of Photography, and the CRAF Friends Award.

The most renowned exhibition takes place in the summer, from June to September. We’re talking about Spilimbergo Photography (now Friuli Venezia Giulia Fotografia)  with top-level exhibitions all across the region. It’s the flagship of photography in North-Eastern Italy. In over 30 editions, the personalities who have exhibited their work at the event have made visual arts history. Here is a list of artists who have taken part in this event: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Naomi and Walter Rosenblum, Bernard Plossu, Atelier Robert Doisneau, Steve McCurry. Among the Italians, Roberto Salbitani, Franco Fontana, Elio Ciol, and Mario Dondero.

CRAF has had two headquarters since October 2010: Palazzo Tadea in Spilimbergo and Villa Ciani in Lestans.


CRAF’s origins

Spilimbergo: the ideal photography hub. It was so in the 20th century and still is now. A home where there is plenty of room for new ideas, experimentation, and growth.

It is no coincidence that the GFNF (Friulian Group for New Photography), Italy’s only neorealist group, was born here in 1955. The Group was founded by Italo Zannier, Gianni and Giuliano Borghesan, Aldo Beltrame, Fulvio Roiter, Toni Del Tin, and Carlo Bevilacqua, who were later joined by Nino Migliori, Luciano Ferri, Gianni Berengo Gardin, and Giuseppe Bruno. A movement that has produced works of the highest level showcased both in Italy and around the world. Its goal was to make Spilimbergo the “Italian Arles”, a place dedicated to photography where beauty and creativity are created with light.
This experience led to the creation of CRAF Research and Archiving Centre of Photography in 1993.

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