D’erbe di natura e benessere

D’erbe di natura e benessere

D’erbe di natura e benessere (herbs, nature, and wellbeing) is the event that welcomes springtime in Spilimbergo. Stands, plant markets, workshops, and conferences liven up the town.


Every year, between July and September, Palazzo Tadea hosts “Spilimbergo Fotografia” (Spilimbergo Photography), an important photography exhibition organised by CRAF (Research and Archiving Centre of Photography).


Artists at the Loggia

The Collection of Modern and Contemporary Paintings is a cradle of art in Spilimbergo’s town centre. The collection includes works by over one hundred artists.

Agosto Spilimberghese

August is the hottest month for the city of mosaics. Exhibitions, re-enactments, shows, and fireworks liven up the summer days and nights.


Crazy Cup

The engineless cart race downhill towards the Tagliamento. A crazy race for lots of fun and laughter.

DarkEst Film Festival

Dark East, the Friulian film festival in Tauriano, Spilimbergo. Discover the films, music, photography, and literature made in Friuli Venezia Giulia.