Artists at the Loggia

Artists at the Loggia

The Collection of Modern and Contemporary Paintings is a cradle of art in Spilimbergo’s town centre. The collection includes works by over one hundred artists.


The Collection of Modern and Contemporary Paintings is on the second floor of Palazzo la Loggia.The exhibition room, which the Gruppo Giovani Pittori Spilimberghesi (Group of Young Spilimbergo Painters) has dedicated to the town of Spilimbergo, is where the works of Italian and international artists (many renowned) are displayed in rotation. This room is the result of the great attention to the world of art and the fruitful relationships that the Group has nurtured through smart initiatives, also thanks to its President, Cesare Serafino.


The Associazione Culturale Gruppo Giovani Pittori Spilimberghesi – Leoluca Vincenzo Visalli (Leoluca Vincenzo Visalli Cultural Association Group of Young Spilimbergo Painters) was established in Spilimbergo between 1970 and 1973 to promote artistic knowledge and preserve the regional and national artistic and cultural heritage. The Association is very active and has been operating in the field of plastic and visual arts for over forty years, during which it has developed rewarding collaborations to defend and preserve the environmental, archaeological, architectural, historical, and artistic heritage of the area.

The Group’s initiatives aimed at raising awareness, protecting the town’s historical urban fabric, and redeveloping public spaces. The events to disseminate knowledge and make art more accessible to a larger number of people have been many. Many world-renowned artists have collaborated with the Group and participated in many of its events.

The Tono Zancanaro Collection of Paintings – Spilimbergo

“Mi son el Gibbon” (I’m Gibbo), as Tono Zancanaro would refer to himself. Gibbo – to whom Zancanaro owed his fame – is a figure inspired by Angelo, an enormous and deformed wrestler seen at a circus, and Gypo, the main character of the film The Informer directed by John Ford. Zancanaro’s Gibbo represents an ironic caricature of the Venetian character.
Gibbo is kind, friendly, and witty, just like Tono, who was from Padua but loved Spilimbergo – in fact he donated many of his works to the town – and appreciated the work of the Group of Young Painters. This collection of paintings is an excellent way to pay homage to this great artist. And his round, intense, bearded face smiles at Spilimbergo from the bust the town dedicated to him in Padua.

Original Italian text by Roberto Iacovissi
November 2013